Thursday, October 23, 2008

A trip to the city

I ventured into New York city last night. I actually love the crowds and the craziness of it all. I was a little early for the holiday decorations, but it was still a nice little side trip. I always notice the stress in the air on every corner. I was there at about five o'clock, or rush or peak hour in the city, oh my word. It was crazy and the stress on people's faces was so visible as the scurried to get to wherever it was they were going.

As I walked a little further away from Penn Station it started to settle down a little, but just a little as the side walks were crazy with crowds too. You must realize that a large portion of people that work in the city do not live in the city, they commute form places all over New York and New Jersey. If you have never gone to the city or experienced the trains or subway in New York, it is a hoot. When you are waiting for train track numbers to be posted down in the terminal everyone stands and waits and when they post it they run, not walk, but run to that track. The first time I was there I was so confused I did not know what to do, it was like a crtoon where you are going one direction and five thousand people are going against you. After a few years of doing this you learn where to stand to be in the first group down the stairs, as seats fill up fast during peak periods.

I think I would like to open a little stand selling B Complex Vitamins and Stress tabs. I could do very well as panic is on every one's face. Could I live this lifestyle? sure, would it be hard, I think yes.

The funny thing is many of these people change trains more than a couple of times just to get to their homes and some have a ways to drive once they arrive at the station. The moral of this is when you think a little bumper to bumper traffic is such a devastating thing for you some days, get over it as you have it pretty darn good. I wonder how all of these people can stay sane and not get sick?I have put the following list of should do nutrition for all big city commuters because of weather, stress, the close proximity you have with germs and because you are all stressed out to the max.

1) Take a strong timed released Multiple vitamin
2) B complex timed released, at least a 100mg
3) Vitamin C timed released, about three times your normal dosage during flu season
4) Echinacea and Golden Seal, about four times per week
5) A wellness formula daily
6) Zinc lozenges

Make sure you drink plenty of water and limit sugars and wheat and gluten foods. These foods produce a lot of mucous and this can keep and cold or flu much longer than we need. A few wise choices and mild moderation to your normal lifestyle could mean the difference between a healthy winter and holiday season, or one that is full of sickness and stress. Also, hats off to you that can do this every day, the more I think about it, I couldn't.

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