Monday, October 27, 2008

Germs are everywhere, even in places we forget to think about

I hear so many people say that they cannot believe the picked up the flu or cold bug because they did not go anywhere where sick people are. You must remember that things you do everyday that you would never think twice about expose you to germs. Below is a list of things you touch that have more germs than you can possibly imagine. Always carry a small container of hand sanitizer. People will say that is kind of over reacting, I will usually say, when you are flat on your back with the flu for a week, I will remind you.

Remember, this list is just to make you think that simple things we do every day expose us to millions of germs, and then we go on and do not wash out hands or we eat in the car or wipe your nose or mouth.

1) ATM machine buttons

2) Fax machine buttons at work

3) Door handles everywhere

4) Shopping carts

5) Baskets at the grocery store

6) Public phones

7) Pens at the bank

8) Buttons on point of purchase machines everywhere

9) Shaking hands

10) Hugging

11) Escalator handles

12) Revolving doors

13) Coffee machine handles

14) Drinking fountain handle

15) Kids toys

16) Dressing room doors at clothing stores

17) Restrooms, handles, sinks, toilets, toilet seats and flushers

18) Airplanes, seats and handles and bathrooms

19) Hotels, all doors and even bedding and furniture

20) Your luggage handles after you pick up baggage at airports

21) Copy machines at work

22) Sugar and creamer bottles at your morning coffee place

23) Napkin dispensers at restaurants

24) Counters at all establishments

25) Even when you are looking at CDs at the store that others have handled.

This is just a short list, but the point is that germs are all around us everyday. Make sure to take extra Vitamin C, your Wellness formulas, Echinacea and Golden seal, and bottom line wash your hands often, or carry hand sanitizer. Small price to pay to stay healthy and avoid the crud.

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