Saturday, March 19, 2011

Does it ever make you wonder

As I continue to do more and more radio shows on a regular basis, and as questions, from emails are becoming a large part of the topics I discuss, I see a rapidly escalating trend to even more diminishing health. Not that we have not already known that America has become more sick, more unhealthy, and is now using every source of band aid medicine possible to get through the day, we knew this. What I am seeing is a trend that Americans are starting to get sick and tired of using just the quick cover up fix.

Lately, I am getting so many emails on the topic of alternatives, and on the subject of being tired of using pharmaceuticals and still feeling so bad every day, and the side effects. For so long, the pharmaceutical fixes have become the one and only path followed by the masses. Whether it is antibiotics for everything or just a numerous amounts of across the board drugs given to everyone without an allowance for all of our individual differences. Has it ever bothered you, or have you ever wondered that you and someone else are on the same medication for a health problem? Although your weight may be different by fifty pounds, one of you is semi healthy the other is very unhealthy, one smokes, one drinks, one is in a high stress job and the other is retired. Please tell me how the outcomes could be anywhere near similar and how can this magic drug have the what for to help both people?

I get so frustrated when I hear about the "across the board" recommendations of medications with no individuality taken into account. Amazingly enough, when you are using natural alternatives the dosage, lifestyle, quantity used and even the brand and delivery systems and individual habits ARE taken into consideration, so why not meds?

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