Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dry skin?

Dry skin is a problem fro some people all year long, but for many of us it is seasonal and creeps up on us when the weather changes. It is like someone has taken every ounce of moisture out of our skin, and all you need to do is rub your skin lightly and the dry skin flakes off almost like it is snowing.

We need to remember three things to solve and fix the seasonal dry skin dilemma.

1) Hydrate externally with lotions and oil products

2) Hydrate internally with oils from supplements and foods

3) Hydrate internally with water

That's it, that is all it takes for you to solve the dry skin problem. Why then do you ask does it seem to get worst and not better? The problem is most people only do one of the three things. Most people put lotion on once a day and expect miracles. For a lotion to work it should be high quality and chemical free utilizing natural ingredients. Did you know that many lotions actually that are labeled for dry skin relief actually have so many chemicals that it causes dry skin because of what is in the product.

The second thing is most people only eat and consume oils that are hydrogenated, like deep fried oils in their fast food. The oil they need they need to consume from food includes olive oil, sesame oil, salmon, sardines, avocados and all deep sea fish. These foods not only lubricate the skin but also help to lower the risk for heart disease and help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. The third is to consume supplemental oils like flax seed oil and omega 3 capsules. This way you round out the oils internally with the lubricating natural lotions you use on the skin topically.

Last, but certainly not least, water. Yes, something as easy as water consumption can hydrate you and make your skin soft, moist and subtle. We drink a lot of water in the summer because we can visually see and feel the signs of dehydration. But in the winter we are not hot, we are not thirsty so we do not drink water. Your skin is not all that suffers from your not drinking water. The winter months also, due to dehydration brings on the highest incidence of prostate infections, kidney infections, urinary and bladder infections as well as bacterial infections in the urinary tract. So when I stress water, I mean it. You may not be thirsty but you are in the inside and you just do not know it.

Dry skin over long periods of time makes you look and feel old, ages you long before your time and is not healthy. So follow these three steps and have beautiful healthy skin all year long.

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