Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2008 over at last

It seems as if this presidential election has been going on for years now, maybe that is because it has. Day after day of more mud slinging and gossip, positive and negative information coming from all sides,frankly I am sure the country has just about had it, I know I have.

As this Presidential election comes and goes we move onto a new era in American history. President elect Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America, and he will be the first African American president in American history.

This could also be the many of first for America. The firsts that I am listing here are hopeful scenarios that I would love to see come to fruition. Let's face it anything can and may happen and with positive thinking anything is possible.

1) The first health care program that makes health care available to all Americans, and nobody is left out.

2) The first time our economy becomes rock solid after years of it struggling to stay above water.

3) The first time the dollar starts to gain it's worth on a world wide scale in many years.

4) The first time we hear that cancer has been cured and it is actually true.

5) The first time our school system gets back on course and our High school graduates can compete on a global scale as truly educated adults for the first time in more years than I want to think about.

6) The first time all Doctors are open to using alternative nutritional medicine BEFORE they recommend pharmaceutical drugs.*

7) The first time all of us as a nation decide to take better care of ourselves and health becomes a nation wide focus.

8) The first time we as a nation decide to do everything we can to preserve our environment and make better and greener choices.

10) And the first time everyone decides that stress, illiteracy, poverty, pollution, greed, disease and crime are no longer words in the dictionary because they no longer apply.

I know, a lot to ask for, but I was always told to ask for as much as possible and maybe half of it can and will come true.

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