Saturday, November 1, 2008

November, here we go!!!!!!!!!1

I know, I know, you had a lot of candy left over from last night and you do not want it to go to waste. A good excuse and one used for a very long time. The answer, knock on your neighbors door and say, will your kids enjoy this as I need to stay clear of candy, problem solved.

We are so good with weight based excuses, as Americans we have all of them on the tip of our tongue everyday, along with the marketing folks who know us better than we think. They have the best ways to may garbage food look good to you,wonderful inviting ways to make inconvenience a thing of the past and food with no nutritional value seem the only way to go. Remember, they are selling something to you, and they a re great at it. They are in the drivers seat and leading you to a golden road filled with the promise of nutrition, great tasting food and convenience to make your life so easy you will have more time to sit on the couch.

The next few months are actually the time of year people all across America put on the more weight than any other time of the year. Christmas parties, eating late, fast food because you are swamped with end of the year projects, holiday stress around every corner. Let's try an experiment, when you are shopping the next time for groceries, look around you and focus on the center of the store. Look in other people's carts and notice that most people shop in the middle part of the grocery store. The isles where all the nice labels, pre- made easiness are.

Try just one time to do all your food shopping from the outside walls. This is where you will find vegetables, fruits, meats and poultry and freshly made bakery. If you shop in this part of the store you will actually have to do preparation and really have to cook, wow, what a concept, but you will feel great.

Try for the rest of the year to shop here.Resist the temptation to open a box an throw a frozen container in the microwave, resist the temptation to have food thrown thrown through the window of your car. You will have more energy and stamina, feel and look better and your heart, waistline and cholesterol levels will be most appreciative.

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