Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A day of global and American obesity statistics

Today's blog deals with statistics, most of which have to do with the bad health of this country. Sometimes when we see it in print, it really hits home as to the decline of health in America.

Latest Obesity Statistics

USA Obesity Rates Reach Epidemic Proportions
58 Million Overweight; 40 Million people are Obese; 3 Million morbidly Obese

Eight out of 10 over 25years of age is Overweight

78% of Americans not meeting basic activity level recommendations

25% completely Sedentary

76% increase in Type II diabetes in adults 30-40 yrs old since 1990

"We estimate that 22 million of the world's children under 5 are overweight or obese," said Mary Bellizzi, an expert with the International Obesity Task Force who presented the research to health ministers at the meeting

Deaths from Obesity: 300,000 premature deaths associated with obesity annually (CDC). Death rate extrapolations for USA for Obesity: 300,000 per year, 25,000 per month, 5,769 per week, 821 per day

Costs for Obesity: $33 billion annually spent on weight-loss products and services

Physician office visits for Obesity: 62.7 million

Work Days Lost from Obesity: 39.3 million

Bed Days from Obesity: 89.5 million

I think we need to take a look at a solution for this problem. I feel, as does the medical establishment and the world health organizations, that we will eat ourselves into early graves and become a financial strain on the medical system that cannot continue to support this epidemic.

It is not just about eating less, it is also about exercising, making better food choices, getting more rest and of course making sure all of your nutritional supplementation needs are met with your diet and your supplements.

Making sure you do not end up overweight, sick and malnutritioned is something this population needs to focus on. Not just adults, but the children of America, who are another growing epidemic in this country with staggering numbers that are also quite depressing and disheartening.

I hope that attention to these figures will reach enough people over the next few years that changes will start to happen, for all of our sake.

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