Sunday, September 2, 2007

the last third of the year is here, pay attention!!

First of all Happy Labor Day Holiday to all. A time of the year when the summer draws to a close and the fall and winter season is just around the corner. Also a time of great stress and inactivity, I mean physical activity. Did you know that this time of the year is famous for many things. Not the holidays that we are all familiar with, but other things and milestones that seem to rear their ugly heads every single year at this time.

This time of the year has the highest incidence of urinary, bladder and kidney infections. Why, because most people are used to drinking water and fluids in the summer because they are actually feeling the sense of dehydration due to the heat, so they satisfy and quench themselves due to that feeling. In the winter, we do not have the sensation of heat upon us so the symptomatic warning signs are not there to slap us in the face and alert us. What we do finally notices is a urinary infection, sore kidneys, dry mouth, electrolyte imbalances, prostate infections and severe constipation.

This time of the year also yields itself to more obesity. As the weather gets cooler and we start to cover up more often, we get lazier and spend more time on the couch and not being active. We use every excuse from it is dark earlier, it is too cold, or we are getting ready for the holidays. whatever excuse works, and then we rotate the excuses so as to to sound totally lame and lazy.
Dry skin is a big issue also this season because as I mentioned above we do not drink enough water and fluids. We also start to pilr and layer heavier clothes that end up rubbing against our already dry flaky skin which causes more dryness and irritation. This is also a time for Dermatologists to double their patient load as Eczema, Psoriasis and Contact Dermatitis get more common. We also turn the heat on because we are cold and that heat taht allows us to warm our cold bodies also sucks the moisture out of our skin and dehydrates all of the fluid and actually makes our skin age and look older.Remember that using lotions topically is a wonderful thing to do. but beauty and healthy skin starts from within.
Of course we put our digestive systems to the test every year as we do the" indulge in everything because I am starting a new diet in January routine". We all do it to some degree but some people are well known for it, and will admit to you each and every year that this is the year they follow through. I know when it comes down to sticking to so called resolutions, it is no body's business except the person posing the resolution and their conscious and nobody else. It just seems that they seem to drag us in somehow, and before you know it they actually have us either supporting their failures, or they put us on the other end we end up yelling at them to get motivated. Crazy as it sounds, it happens every year to millions of us, though we swear we will never go through it again.

So as you start to think about the stressful holiday season approaching, and the upcoming weather changes that are around the corner remember to think you actions through carefully. This time of the year can actually be a very happy time where we get a jump start on the problems we all face this time of year, or it can be a disaster that takes you the first quarter of the year to correct what we put our selves through.
My suggestion, make it the year of positive changes and personal benefits and then start the new year ahead of the game; healthy, happy and enjoying your life.

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