Thursday, September 6, 2007

How is your adult skin???

Being as acne is not just a juvenile situation as it was when I was a kid, maybe some possible healthy suggestions are in order. When I was a kid when you turned about sixteen or seventeen acne was over as hormones started to balance out a little. It really was a childhood situation, but today it has changed drastically to an adult situation that is worst than the teenagers of today.

If you go into any Dermatologist office today you will find an array of skin disorders and among them will be chronic adult acne. Not just on the face, but also on the chest and back, and much more serious cases than you have seen in adolescent years. I have often wondered what the cause of this terrible and annoying skin problem could be, I am guessing it is a combination of many things. Not the least being stress, diet, pollution, internal bad digestion, bad elimination, water deprivation, fast food, fatty diets, medication side effects, and just bad luck. There are actually many nutritional things both internal and external that can be used safely and with great success.

Number one, and the easiest to do would be to increase your water consumption and cut back on chemical based and carbonated beverages. Second, making drastic diet changes like learning to stay away from the junk and from excessive sugar packed sweets and greasy and fast foods. Next on the list would be to check your elimination, if you are not expelling wastes through the normal means regularly and consistently, the body will force impurities and toxins through the skin to get it out of the body. Problem is it gets through the skin and then sits there and gets worst by the day. You can give into topical steroid creams and lotions that you will immediately notice clear things up, but soon after discontinuing them the skin problem without your making any lifestyle changes will always rear its ugly head again and with avengence most of the time and sometimes worst than before.

Internally, cleansing the body three or four times per year is very helpful to get rid of excess toxins that most people do not flush out on their own. Make sure to use a good over all vitamin program, I recommend the NSP program because of it's complete formula making sure you do not miss essential and vital nutrients. Flax oil and fish oils benefit by internally lubricating the skin and helping to prevent dry skin problems from the inside out. Taking extra Vitamin A, Zinc and acidophilus are also essential to help round out the internal defense program against these awful skin problems. If stress is an issue adding B complex will help to ease the stress and can also benefit the skin in a positive way.

Topically, there is a wonderful skin oil called Squalene that lubricates the skin and does it without causing a greasy layer. It is absorbed so quickly and makes your skin feel like it has a silk glove over it. The lotion can be used in larger body areas and is something that once you use it, you will never stray from it.

Hopefully these few tips will help to bring your skin back to it's healthy best. We all hate to make changes, but when it comes to your skin, it is hard to put your best face forward when your skin is not at it's healthiest. Small changes will yield huge benefits.

You have to wonder why twenty five to thirty years ago we never had adult acne, but we see it now in large numbers everyday. It is a good sign that this is one more thing we are most likely causing ourselves by our unhealthy lifestyles and fast paced living. The solution; clean up the diet, supplement internally and clean up the skin topically. A healthy glow is a great thing!

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