Friday, September 21, 2007

The months start zooming by and stress starts to build

It is amazing to me that once July 4th gets here and passes by, it is almost a hop and a skip to the end of the year. It seems to happen every year lately, or maybe just now that I am thirty nine years old and holding. Funny thing is I heard younger people saying it too.

Do you remember when you were younger and it took forever for time to go by. We would start school and immediately start counting down the days until Christmas Vacation, and when we returned to school it was the spring break countdown. Soon after we started on the summer vacation, and even during that we dreaded the countdown until it was time to start all over again. Now if you blink whole months rush by. I find myself dreading the upcoming holiday season if only because as soon as Halloween gets here, New Years day is right around the corner.

I guess it is getting older. or maybe that we all have way too much on our plates, and the stress of events and projects coming due, or money needed to survive the holidays or just mental overload, it seems as if this is a game that all adults participate in yearly, and not by choice.

So, when asked what can we do to better cope with all of this added stress and with the pileup of things that are already overflowing our plates, I always recommend going back to basics. Many of us fall prey to the new and flashy things on the market to help with the problems that ail us, but sometimes getting back to the drawing board is ultimately and actually satisfyingly better, and more effective.

B Complex is still the most effective thing to use for our added stressful lifestyles.Preferably timed released for better all day coverage, as B Complex is water soluble and flushes out too quickly, but lasts all day with a perfectly balanced timed released formula. There are also calming herbs like Kava, Passion Flower, Chamomile and even St Johns Wort for when there is also a touch of mild to moderate depression symptoms. Something that many of us also overlook is the importance of getting a great nights sleep. Not just a period of time when you are in the bed going through the motions and tossing and turning and waking up more tired than when you went to bed, but an actual restful rejuvenate night of rest.
Sleep deprivation adds to the stress and leaves us anxious and burnt out and struggling to recapture our energy. If sleep is a problem there are wonderful alternatives to prescription medications that are safe and sold over the counter.Many adults spend their entire day loading caffeine beverages and using stimulant drinks just to get through the day, when if they would go back to square one, better sleep, more daytime energy.

The rebirth of L-Tryptophan has been a wonder pill for those individuals that are sleep deprived. Melatonin as well as Valarian Root are other viable solutions that could be tried. All of these things help us to be in better control of our energy as well as keeping us balanced and more able to deal with the stress life throws at us, or the stress we throw at ourselves.

If stress and sleep deprivation have been a continual problem for a long period of time,it might be a good time to see your Physician, and get a basic check up and some blood work done to rule out anything that might be an underlying physical cause. If all of that goes fine with the Doctor, keep in mind some natural alternatives for better stress control and of course some thing we all need, Better Sleep!!!

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