Monday, May 13, 2013

Change is something we all want, but may not know where to begin.............

I would dare to say that most of us would like to change one or more things about ourselves. Be it our weight, our job, financial status or maybe just stop or correct some of the bad habits or vices we have. I think we have the desire and the want to succeed, but our follow through seems to be the part of us that causes all the problems.

I hear people every day say I cannot understand how someone could be that over weight, or how they drink so much or why can't they stop smoking. They will go on a tirade about someone else's perfectly legal way of living their life, and because they are casting stones at others, it allows them to not be looked at. Because inside they know they should be looking at their own problems as well as things that need attention or that need to be fixed in their life. I feel it is easier for people to cast judgement rather than accept that they may have a laundry list of things that they need help with.

If you are one that thinks that the smoker, drinker or overweight person does Not want a change, you may be very mistaken. Sometimes, more than not, people have little corrective information, or are searching for a quick and easy way to make a change. These quick, fad choices or changes are usually followed by failure, depressive feelings and ultimately with the person giving up and being even more emotionally distraught. It is not that they are not trying, many of them, not all are, but they are choosing the not so effective ways of getting it done. But I will say the want to change always hangs on tight, as does the frustration of not being successful. It can truly be an emotional rollercoaster..

When I talk with people or do counsels, my most successful stories are when the individuals are truly ready for change. This is most of the battle for all of us, when we want to and need to change and knowing that this time there must be a change. When this mental connection is made, most people are unstoppable at attaining their goals.

My suggestion is always to keep a few ducks in a row.
1- Set goals in an attainable and realistic fashion.
2- Start your journey only when you are ready to start, follow through and finish your journey.
3- Ask as many questions about what you are trying to achieve, and ask informed people only.
4- Be prepared for side stepping the path, never beat up on your self, and get back on course as soon as you can.
5- Set smaller goals so you can celebrate each and every step on your healthy journey.
6- Try to keep changes in place after your goals are completed, and make them life changes.

Last tip, find time to fit in social time with friends and family, take time to relax and find your center and comfort zones. Always be good to you and pull yourself off the back burner and prioritize what is important to YOU. Being the "go to" person for everyone in your life makes you an individual worth a million dollars, fitting time in to think about yourself and get healthy to be at your best makes you priceless.

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