Monday, May 6, 2013


Our desire to get healthy, look better and feel better has grown leaps and bounds over the past few decades, but our follow through, and motivation for the actual change has diminished by possibly the same amount. I know that almost every person I speak to wants to lose weight, have more energy, hold on to their youth and look younger, but when the laundry list of needed changes to correct the unhealthy life style makes its way into the conversation, ears close and minds begin to wander.

I think we all want to feel better than we do now, as so many of us struggle to just get through our days, and we will and do use every possible quick fix available to cover up symptoms to do it. Drug stores, print ads and television commercials have armed us with amazing, their words, choices and alternatives to get us through the crazy days most of us live. We have become almost brainwashed that the covering up of the annoying symptoms of just about everything we deal with is a fix, not a cure or a balancing of the system. Pain relief, symptomatic relief, feel better almost instantly are catch phrases that lure the struggling unhealthy and desperate folks to the drug stores in search of these quick fixes. Although  way down deep we know that making permanent life changes will lead to a healthier lifestyle, something keeps us from going to the next step.

Life is more stressful today, and our ability to deal with it has become almost faulty, as if we just do not have the strength to handle it. I think today we have more knowledge, alternatives and compliments available then we ever have in the past, but our focus, concentration and lack of priorities are the things that keep us in this unhealthy state of living. I know we have the needed energy and motivation because we use it in so many other sectors of our lives. I know people that will sleep out in tents for 3 days to be first to get the newest smart phone, video game or laptop, but cannot seem to organize their diet, supplements or  their exercise program. As far as I am concerned, the" want to" to make a change mind set is not as strong as they think it is, if it was it would be achieved, or they would be on the path Today!

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