Friday, May 17, 2013

Spinning in circles and going nowhere.

Today we seem to be more in a hurry than ever before, and no matter how fast we move we tend to still be running behind, or late. I see these commercials and advertisements for all of the time saving devices available, I have bought some of them, but I am yet to see the saved time, or where does it go if I am saving it up, and how do I use it when I want to?

Technology has allowed us to do so many things at the speed of light, and afforded us amazing things to make our lives better, but when you think about all these changes it can seriously be over whelming. So why are we still so stressed out, running behind with all of the availability of saved organized time and our day to day routines having such extreme and effective organizational tools?

I also wonder at what costs are these changes coming to us? Seriously, with smart phones we have all but given up on one on one face to face contact, and everyone I know can barely remember their own phone number or anyone they call on a daily basis. We rarely call for conversation because texting has allowed us to do things by typing in a sentence rather than having the courtesy to call. Texting has become a form of conversation that allows you to do one more thing quickly, easily and without having to think things through.  When I was younger when I was running late you would call and apologize for your tardiness,but today you send a text, running late, be there soon, and we just expect everyone to accept it as being respectful.

Children today rarely go outside, their waistlines, like those of their parents are widening every year. Computers, X box, play station, movies at your fingertips, skype, smart phones have made child hood something that is controlled from the child's bedroom and rarely is outdoor activity a choice. Responsibility and respect seems to have disappeared, and although the kids have the resources to learn more effectively, we are putting children out in the world would could not survive without a smart phone, computer or calculator. I witness rudeness that would have, when I was a child kept me from seeing my next birthday, and parents do and say virtually nothing, so consequences are rarely established.

Fast paced lifestyles are the norm today, and slowing down to appreciate life, or stopping to smell the flowers is something of the past. We rarely think about today because as fast as we are moving we are always in a future mind set. Most people act like they have one foot nailed to the floor and they are really just spinning out of control. When you are going at this pace when do you allow yourself a time to actually chill out and enjoy all your hard work?

I will admit that I am a user of technology, but I have learned, maybe the hard way myself that there is life and social activities, friends, animals and activities to enjoy in our life that do not depend on electronic devices for them to be enjoyed.

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