Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Small Things............

When we look at the big picture of things that are important in life, and for our health, we sometimes overlook the smaller things because they are, smaller. We all know about eating a well balanced diet, avoiding too many processed foods and fast food, exercising and managing stress, but there are some little things that may have as much or even more of an impact.

When I think about a healthier life, and the process involved, I try to think about things that have a great impact, but does not cost us an arm and a leg. I think many of us gravitate to the things with bells and whistles, and also to the difficult and complex solutions thinking that change should and must be difficult.

I agree with all the changes for great health I mentioned earlier, but the following things I feel bring a lot to the table. Having a pet can do more for our grounding as well as bringing a new sense of responsibility that keeps us on top of things every day. Pets can also be remarkable companions if you are alone, or even if you are in a large extended family, a pet can reduce stress, bring blood pressure into healthier ranges and bring out the devoted soft part in your heart you may have put on a shelf long ago.

Water, the easiest, most difficult beverage to have people consume on a regular basis. I do not get it but even when dehydration  and frequent urinary tract infections are up front and center, water still seems to be a difficult thing to swallow. Just drinking your 8-10 glasses of water daily can dramatically change your life. Healthier skin, liver, kidney, digestive and elimination system and urinary tract health are just some of the areas benefited by daily water consumption. Drinking water is easy to do but hard to get into the habit if you have avoided it for a long time. Getting on a one to one relationship with water, and becoming a water drinker will always be something your body will always appreciate.

Sleep is my third important thing on my need to focus on list. If sleep, or lack of it has become an issue for you, remember before running to the drug store for a quick fix, check out the amazing healthy natural alternatives and lifestyle supplements that can dramatically help you to get a great nights sleep. Once you are back on your sleep wake cycle be ready for feeling amazing, maybe for the first time in a long time. Sleep is one of the most overlooked things we do, or do not do every day. Many of us think it is something we should do rather than something that is essential for health.

My wish is that we all slow down long enough to see that change is important, especially when you are aiming for better health. Changes do not need to be huge and monumental, because sometimes baby steps can lead to changes so large that it may make your head spin in a healthy direction...

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