Tuesday, May 21, 2013


For years I have been asked the question, and it has been asked of me from all corners and from all demographics of our country. The question being why I feel we as a nation are so sick, so early in age when our ancestors never got sick until they were older. My answer has become a standard answer that today seems even more correct, diet!

Just as we try to do the best we can in every category of our life, searching for the newest, biggest, best products with all the bells an whistles, we are individuals that today are very outspoken about wanting the best. We like being the first to do something, or to be in the "IN CROWD" with everything hot, new and the most talked about. Somewhere we have overlooked how to apply, and be consistent applying these principals to our health, our daily life and even our long term health goals.

Most people when asked this same question will say stress is the reason we are so sick, and although stress can be a killer, our state of health, and the malnutrition of our bodies causing this unhealthy state many of us live in every day I feel is the main reason. If we were supplying our bodies all the tools it needed in the form of balanced healthy foods, supplements, aiding the digestive system and supporting the immune system, we would have a finer tuned machine that would deal with stress head on, and successfully. But because our over fed, bloated, unbalanced, unrested and nutritionally unbalanced bodies are in such a state of dis- ease, we do not have the capability we could have if our bodies were better taken care of, and in better states of health.

Years ago the standard of life and life expectancy was much lower. We got smarter for a time, ate better and our life expectancy grew, and we lived longer lives. I am seeing a reversal to times when the expectancy is much less than it is today because although we have the tools, knowledge and protocol in place to live a longer, healthier life, we choose not to do our homework. We have an attitude that these things will never happen to me, and that I am in great shape and never sick, and many of us feel untouchable. Although our hardened external shell may keep us protected and fearless, I am sure way down deep we know we need a change but maybe are fearful of doing it incorrectly, or afraid to ask for help and support, and we would rather just roll the dice than ask questions.

Sooner or later all of us are going to need to make changes in our daily routines, I only hope that you will chose to make the changes while they are just a good measure of present and future health, rather than a necessity to survive because you waited way too long.

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