Sunday, March 25, 2007

An allergy day, but not for me!

I followed my own rules today and used a heavy dose of Pollen Season formula, Las Vegas mix, and C Complex. I also drank a ton of water as I was out literally in the trees, and I mean literally doing spring pruning. I was able to get in three truck loads of dead branches and all the while being a stone throw distance from Olive, Oleander and Mulberry trees. This is a big thing when you are prone to allergy symptoms, and when you do not take precautions, you suffer badly.

My radio show this morning was on allergies, and from all of the calls and emails, many of you are suffering badly as well. The funny thing is we and our surroundings change almost daily, so we really do need to have the knowledge of what and when to do things just in case.

Here in Las Vegas everything has changed from a desert landscape to almost a tropical paradise, and then an east coast neighborhood, with a dose of the west and a sprinkle of the Midwest. People are moving from everywhere and bringing their landscape with them. So you may have lived here for thirty years with never one allergy sniffle, and this year your eyes are swollen shut and you are sneezing and you are having sinus headaches and you are full of mucus. Well get used to it as we are not in Vegas anymore, we are in an ever changing new Vegas and knowing what to do is up to you.

A few blogs back I spoke about all of the nutrition to use and just remember to cut out dairy, wheat and gluten and all mucus forming food and drink tons of water and get your rest and you will breeze through this season without a hitch.

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