Saturday, March 3, 2007

The miracle of birth, a thing to behold

I do not think I will ever get used to the miracle of animal births. How in this case dogs, can go from breeding to delivering beautiful puppy litters in only sixty three days. Pretty cool if you ask me that this miracle of life is so quick to develop.

Many of you know that I have been a Border Collie enthusiast and breeder for many years, and after all of the years and litters, it is still wonderful to see the miracle of life. Last night was a large litter that was a week early. Amazing how resilient puppies can be even though they are so early, almost the same as a human baby being a whole month early. A few of them did not make it due to the large size of the litter, but so far, knock on wood, the others are doing ok.

I think that puppies have a better chance in birth, as do all dogs and their health during their lives when they are fed great diets and are given added nutrients. I make sure all of my dogs get the best nutrients because they can not do it for themselves. Many people have dogs that are fed the most basic of diets with no extra nutrients, no added vegetables, and the dogs health can suffer.

I am always amazed when customers or individuals e-mail me or stop me to ask me what to do for their sickly pets. The first thing I always ask about is the diet of the animal, and to be honest almost eighty percent of the time they answer whatever is on sale. They then end up paying thousands of dollars at the veterinarian office, go figure.

Remember, when you get an animal for a pet, a few things go along with the walking, the love, cleaning, bathing, and making the animal part of your family. The final and most important thing has to do with the feeding, do not skip on the food. Most of the cheap garbage out there is just that cheap garbage full of chemical and by products. If you cannot afford the best, at least get something close to the best. Remember, adding vegetables, raw bones,supplements like Mezotrace pet powder, Barley dog and trying some natural animal supplements all will increase the quality of your friends life.

Moral, if you cannot do the animal ownership thing correctly and fully, leave it to people that can. Great animals end up in bad places like animal control housing because of bad, non caring pet owners. I have always said two things, good animals and bad pet owners. A little harsh, but honestly, when you stand back and take a good look, it really rings true.

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