Saturday, March 17, 2007

Welcome to my perfect world

My perfect world. My perfect world would be very different than today's world. It would be a world of taking responsibility for our health. A place where our bodies would talk to us and let us know in no uncertain terms that some fixing is required. It would also be a place where advertising was honest and to the point and was also blunt and said exactly what was happening.

First of all, I would like everyone to have a red check engine light in the middle of their forehead, the reason, when this stupid little light goes on in our cars we instantly do the panic dance and then get to wherever we can possibly go at the speed of light and tell them to fix whatever is making it go on. I sometimes wonder if it is an automatic reaction put into the cars and when we take them in they just cut a wire and charge us fifteen hundred dollars. Maybe that is why they say" Well that is taken care of and should never happen again", hmmm, makes me wonder.

I think if we had that personal check engine light on our fore heads and it happened to go on, we would do whatever was needed to correct the imbalance or fix what was broken or heal what was needing to be addressed. If we foolishly did not, everyone around us would see that the light was on and would remind us constantly that something must be wrong as our light was on. I love this idea.

The next thing would be to have fast food restaurants put on the menu exactly what will happen when we eat what they serve. It would go something like this, I would like a heart attack on whIte bread, a side of high triglycerides, and a large cup of Diabetes, and for dessert I would love one of those large servings of cellulite. Direct and to the point I must admit, I mean we already know it but maybe if we had to ask for it this way, we might at least start to think twice.

Even with our medications we could ask for the cholesterol medication that could possibly damage our livers. The anti depressant that we will always need to be on and a side of blood thinners that the Doctor will never let us stop taking. We could ask for the high blood pressure medication that will surely add to an erectile dysfunction problem, and the stomach anti reflux pill that will never get to the cause of the problem but will cause side effects and just put a band aid over the actual problem and fool us into thinking it is fixed.

My world would be a place where I am sure people would think twice about medications they do not really need, where they would actually think about the food they are consuming, and once and for all put an edge of caution and priority when the light goes on.


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