Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quick fixes around every corner

So how is spring fever going for you? It is amazing how fast the weather changes and how long it has been cold. I always laugh at the same bunch of people that complain all summer because it is too hot, and then complain all winter because it is too cold. They are all now biting at the bit for the warmer weather, and we are already in the eighties, so I am now waiting for the complaints to begin all over again.

I think we all spend a lot of time stressing on things that are so ridiculous it is no wonder why such a large portion of America are on anti depressants and mood altering drugs. I think people like having the stress because they know that there is a pharmaceutical fix right around the corner.Doctors have made it so easy to get prescriptions that all you really have to do is ask. How did this happen that we could stress out almost over nothing at all, and then ask for the fix! I know there was a time not so long ago that we learned how to prioritize and dealt with stress the normal way, we worked it out.

I think this is just the new way of dealing with life, if it is broken, cover it up and band aid it and do not think about ever having to try and fix it. Covering up our problems with fast fixes has become a way of life. It actually starts with the Pharmaceutical companies having advertising companies and agencies advertise the quick fix on television. They show happy people running through a field of flowers with the caption do not suffer with heartburn ever again. Well of course people will ask for it, mostly we want the fix and secondly the want a magic wand.

So what do we do with all of this fast fix information coming at us at the speed of light? My best suggestion is that if it sounds like a duck, quacks like a duck, there is a good chance it is a duck. Stop looking for the quick fix and start concentrating on why the problem is there in the first place, and what you did to create it or what you can do now to fix it once and for all.

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