Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A birds eye view of the traveling masses

With my traveling now more than I have ever done in my life, I am observing people from all over the world that have been traveling and living out of suitcases for a long time. I do watch things including watching to see if people take vitamins after meals. What people eat and drink. Are most travelers coffee a holics, and does it look like they are a healthy bunch of people.

What I have determined is that most travelers eat whatever is available when they are hungry and they seem not to care exactly what it is, how it is prepared or where they eat. I watch travelers eating very high fat meals, the beverages of choice is always caffeine wither in soda or coffee form.

Everyone looks exhausted, and preoccupied and many do not even talk to anyone near them or even those who are sitting next to them. I am sure when you travel as much as many of these people do, how many times do you make small talk before it is just a chore. I mean how many times do you explain that you travel, and what you do and where you do what you do?

I must still look like the rookie because I smile at everyone and most of the time have a conversation ready to go. Many of therm after starting a conversation will actually ask questions and I will hear from them by email later. The last time I went to New York, last month, I asked the lady next to me what medication she was on as she was loading a whole line of them in after take off. She proceeded to tall me the things she was using and I asked my standard question, have you ever thought of trying a natural alternative? This question either gets you one of three responses. One, My Doctor does not believe in supplement's. Two, they had no idea there was an alternative and tell me more about it. Three, how come my Doctor never told me I had a choice.My response always is, get a new Doctor, yes there are many alternatives, and maybe it is time to try another medical approach or try a Doctor that will work all approached with you.

Many times when you start talking other will turn around and listen or jump in and before you know it, I am giving a lecture at twenty thousand feet. I know deep down everyone has a wish to be happier, healthier and have more energy, some just do know what path to choose or where to go, so many just bury the idea and plow through their lives feeling bad and just accepting it. Too bad for them because everyone deserves the best health they can have, and all the choices available for them to choose from.

I hope I continue to be me, and not turn into one of the masses, what am I talking about, if I did that, I would not be able to talk, NEVERMIND!!!

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