Friday, March 30, 2007

A travel tip for you as travel season is upon us

I usually try to keep all of the information here associated with health, but this was something I heard about yesterday that was too important NOT to pass on. When you are at a hotel or motel now most of them are now using computer encrypted door keys. I am sure it saves a lot of money over the old keys that when lost had to be re keyed by a locksmith.

Well, I did not know that when you are checking out most of us still do not know what to do with the keys. Do you leave them in your room, put them in the key box, or take them to the front desk. Well. I learned yesterday from a show I was listening to on the way home from a training in Los Angeles that keeping the keys and taking them home is the smarter thing to do.

I had no idea that our name, home address, dates we were there, and credit card information was all on that key. It would be easily read bu a inexpensive card reader and available to anyone who got these keys to do do what they wanted with. The gentleman speaking was a policeman for Los Angeles Police Department and he said that our information stays readable until the card is re used and it is erased when another person uses the key and all of their information replaces ours.

He says anyone including housekeeping, disgruntled and underpaid workers, front desk people and even management as well as other guests who find the keys laying around have access to our information. So remember. although the keys are disposable, all of our personal identity is on them. Consider this a tip from Las Vegas, and a tip to keep with you whenever you travel.

Because if you do not do this, the next article will be on stress, depression, anxiety and what to do when your credit gets in someone else's hands and you are a stressed out mess about it.

Happy safe travels, and be sure to tell everyone you know that travels. These keys are nothing to look at, but starting a collection at home, where you can safely destroy or shred them will be well worth them becoming a travel collectors item.

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