Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ever feel that you are chasing yourself through the day?

Anxiousness for many people can be a staple part of their lives as well as a part of their personalities. There are many people, kind of like Las Vegas drivers that are always in a hurry to get no where quickly.

Do you know anyone like this, maybe yourself? Did you ever wonder why we let ourselves get this way, or why we allow ourselves to continue to act this way. Crazy schedules, time restraints, family, activities are all things that add up to our fast paced lives. What I have a question about is why people thirty years ago had jobs, kids, grew their own food, no electronic gadgets, black and white televisions, no computers, very selected places to shop, limited mass transit, bills to pay and yet they were not running in circles chasing themselves around the block.

So what has happened to us? I actually, in my mind feel that with all of the time saving devices like i pods, hand held phones and computers that work everywhere we go, food that we can get on every corner and eat while we are driving. Big fast cars, mass transit systems that can basically get us anywhere. Please tell me why are we still running behind without enough time to get anything done. We use day timers to create and find more time, and then do not look at them everyday to find out what we need to do and when.

My conclusion and of course opinion only, is that we are all so in a hurry to get things done that we overlook the most direct ways to do things and instead look for the most technical ways. My opinion is if we would go a little back to basics and prioritize a little more, we would be more at ease, and maybe spend more time enjoying the ride through life rather than chasing it everyday.

In case you decide not to slow down and organize, you may consider adding some additional B Complex, possibly some Kava and or some Valarian root. These are all things that can make us catch ourselves before the daily chase begins.

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