Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So what to do when you are forced to take antibiotics? Sometimes a flu an infection, or a tooth infection can cause us to have to take antibiotics even if we do not choose to.

I am often asked about the effects of using antibiotics. I think that if used properly for situations that do require a specific antibiotic, they are usually safe and can in most instances do their job effectively. The problem we have in America is that people have been conditioned to expect antibiotics for everything from a sniffle to a hang nail, and actually get frantic and upset if they do not leave the Doctor's office with their prized white piece of paper.

Most, if not all Doctor's will admit that they over write prescriptions for antibiotics daily, and will also in the same breath say that they do it because the patients expect it and demand it. This procedure in some cases can be harmless,but as a nation we have done and allowed so much of this to happen that the only one that has benefited from this practice is that the germs themselves have learned how to mutate into new strains of resilient bacteria and virus's that are able to hide and escape the effects of the treatment, plus the Pharmaceutical companies have done well also.

The smartest thing we could do is to say know to antibiotic's when we really do not need them. If you can make it through a cold or a mild infection without the antibiotics, you not only will save you body the side effects, but you can also build an immunity to the same bug you are fighting.

If you do however have to take antibiotics, always make sure you replace your wonderful good bacteria that ends up being destroyed with a strong probiotic acidophilus from your favorite health food store. Adding a yogurt to your diet every day during and for up to a week after the taking of antibiotics can ease the stomach upset, and help to replace that destroyed bacteria. This procedure goes for children, and both men and women equally.

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