Saturday, February 3, 2007

Fingernails, what to do to make them grow

Every single day I have at least one or two women ask me why their nails do not grow. This is a problem for many women, but so many of them just cover them up with acrylic nails to conceal their slow growing and sometimes brittle and even unsightly nails.

Women will sit there and breath all of the chemicals and be in a crowded salon all in the name of beautiful nails. Now do not get me wrong, a beautiful set of manicured nails are very much appreciated, but the long term effects of that synthetic material can be devastating to you nail beds.

I have gad women that have developed an allergy to the chemicals and when they had the nails removed, they found terrible fungus and damaged fingernail beds. They were devastated to say the least, but like I always say" are you surprised, look what you have been doing for sometimes years at a time". The nails cannot breath and moisture and bacteria get under the nails between fills, and then it is sealed over so bacteria can fester under the fake nails and cause damage. Now some women have been getting their nails done for years without a problem, but I can bet that about seven out of ten women have things ugly and unhealthy going on under those french tips.

If you decide to take the plunge into letting your own nails grow again, or are forced to because of infection or problems, you may try some added nutrition. First start with minerals, I usually lean towards the Mezotrace Minerals as they are very absorbable and are great for the nails as well as the bones, muscles and ligaments and tendons. You should also add a nutritional Nail formula, something that has all the nutrition for the nails in one formula.

If there is some damage to the nail bed or a fungus problem, try rubbing a combination of Colloidal Silver, Tea tree oil and Squalene oil into the nail bed, it works miracles. It make take a while. but you will be happy to have beautiful nails that are yours and no more visits to the chemical parlor.

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