Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Although we as a nation are starting to realize that our bad habits are the main reason we are as sickly as we are, we still continue to have past times that are ruining our health.

I thought that showing some statistics would make for interesting thoughts in today's blog. At this moment in America there are a minimun of twenty five million smokers, although the direct link to cancer and heart disease are well known and on every pack that is sold. Addiction is a major factor here, and I feel for the group that has decided to kick the habit. Although it must be an agreement with yourself and nobody else and timing is criticaland must be correct for you to be able to follow through.

There are over fifty eight million obese adults, and about half that in obese children, which is catching up at an alarming rate. Eight out of ten adults are overweight in America, more that any other country, although we know that this in itself is asking for major and life threatening health problems.

There has been an increase of seventy five percent of type II diabetes in America since 1990, there are a total of over twenty million diagnosed right this moment in America and many more people that have non diagnosed cases of diabetes.This category at one time was a disease that afflicted adults in their fifties and sixties, but in the last ten years has started affecting twenty and thirty year old individulas.

So we need to ask ourselves something, why do we keep doing the things and keep having bad habits that will ultimately kill us? I wish I knew the answer to this question. I am amazed because so many of the people I know that still have one or more of these situations are so in control over every other part of their life, maybe it is just the last thing to give up and readiness fo change comes in all shapes and sizes and times.
I always say our bad habits are a very personal thing. We start them because we choose to. we continue them because we choose to, and when we quit them it is becaise us and us alone choose to.

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