Saturday, February 17, 2007

Warm weather brings allergy symptoms

As spring starts to show signs of returning in the Las Vegas valley, pollens are beginning to blow around and there are buds on the trees showing up more every day. Although we are all very happy to see cold weather disappear, the warmer weather does have a down side for many people in the Las Vegas valley, it is once again allergy season.

Many people at the first sign of allergy symptoms run to the drug store for a quick fix. Along with this quick fix comes light headedness, possible headaches, fatigue, sleepiness, possible medication interaction including the raising of blood pressure. I think most people are just frustrated by the symptoms and the annoyances of allergies that can include multiple symptoms. Symptoms range from runny nose, itchy eyes, post nasal drip, fatigue, dizziness, cold symptoms, trouble breathing, shortness of breath, and even loss of appetite.

Although allergies are very annoying, they are not life threatening, but at the time they seem as though they are. I think this why so many people run out for a remedy at the first sign. I think the first year of allergies, most people are actually surprised that they have them. Many people have lived in the same area for years and never were plagued with them and cannot understand how they could possibly suffer now. I think this happens for a variety of reasons. As years go by our immune systems weaken, our diets contain numerous amounts of chemicals and preservatives, the environments around us change, and even the normal vegetation that grows in our areas change without us having any control. All of these factors around us changing creep up on us and before you know it you have allergy problems, and it has no bearing on our age, allergies can affect children and adults.

In the Las Vegas area, we have a terrible allergy season, mostly due to construction and the increasing amount of people bringing in vegetation from other parts of the country.A company called Dolisos has created a product that has made a difference for over a decade for allergy sufferers. It is called Las Vegas mix and it is a homeopathic formula that is natural and had been very successful.This company makes formulas for many different areas all over the nation using each areas local plants and trees that cause the individual symptoms for that area.
This product incorporates local pollens for every area and after using them a few times a day, under the tongue in a sublingual liquid formula helps to build your resistance to the pollens that are causing the problem. The wonderful thing is you have no risk of side effects and it can be used for prolonged periods of time.

I also like adding in the Great Earth Pollen Season formula. This formula can be used anywhere in the United States, for any kind of pollen allergy problems. This product boosts your immune system and helps to support your bodies natural defenses so that you can fight allergens very effectively. Once again, this product is very safe and can be used as long as needed.

A few more tips for a smooth allergy season. Cut dairy and all mucous forming foods out of your diet to take the strain off the lungs and to prevent excess post nasal drip. Drinking plenty of water is a requirement and increasing Vitamin C, and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bottom line, when allergy symptoms start to hit home, remember that you do not need to run to the drug store for the synthetic fix. There are wonderful natural remedies available that will let you function and still be able to think clearly and have energy.

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