Friday, February 9, 2007

Florida, day 2

Sorry I am a little late tonight, but I had a full day here in Boca. Today started back at Tunies health food store. I was able to do some great training with an incredible staff, and also do the owners Radio show along with him, and a wonderful guest he had already arranged to be on with him. What a great pleasure it was as Al has been in the business for many many years, and he is extremely knowledgeable and knows the business from top to bottom.The idea that he made room for me to jump in as well is a testimate to his professionalism, Thanks Al!

Tomorrow I am off to Key West Florida, any further and I will be in Cuba, eeeekk!!! It is one of those rubber band airplanes, you know the ones they wind up and throw in the air, keep me in your prayers please.

Florida trip to be continued tomorrow. Be good , and stay healthy. Oh, I was wondering whether being around all of those sickly, sneezing and coughing people in the three airports I have been in would be a problem, not so far! I guess the Body Well, Colloidal Silver, Odorific Garlic and my Vitamins have kept me going, I love this job!

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