Monday, February 19, 2007

Body odor. do not just cover it up, eliminate it!!!

Ever wondered why your breath is so bad even though you brush your teeth three times per day. Have you ever gone to the gym and noticed that when you sweat ,there is a foul odor that comes through your skin and the odor is very strong even though you shower once or twice per day. The third situation would be why your stool and urine has such a strong foul smell.

Many times when people are experiencing one or more or even all of the above symptoms, their first line of attack seems to be the drug store. Going down aisle after aisle looking for a fix, and a quick fix at that. I think it is normal to want to fix a problem, but once again we need to realize that getting to the source is always our best line of defense.

It has been my conclusion that when there are odors escaping through various parts of the body, it usually means that they are not using the normal means of release and are using whatever means possible to escape the body. I find that most people with body odor problems have bad elimination and poor digestion.

Most individuals that are plagued with body odor problems need to fix their digestive problems with the addition of digestive enzymes. They also need to address their elimination problems, and possibly increase the intake of fiber or do a complete cleanse. Both can increase the elimination of odors while balancing a few problems that need to be addressed anyway. Try using Ergozymes for digestion and Odor eze for freshening the body from the inside out. The Ultimate Cleanse from Nature's Secret is about the best cleanse I have found, with the best results.

We need to realize that using deodorants, body sprays, breath mints, perfume and colognes are very helpful for the short term, but if we want to eliminate the odors permanently. we need to look for the cause and follow through. The great thing is, while addressing the odor issue, we actually can correct our overall health at the same time.

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