Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back home

Hello all, and I must say right from the start, it is so good to be back home. I really enjoy traveling and seeing the country, training and meeting wonderful people, but sleeping in my own bed is the best. Of course being away from the four legged kids is hard too, so that is always a welcomed greeting for me.

As I always say when I travel, no matter where you are in the country, and know matter whom you speak to, problems are usually the same everywhere. Questions always surface about the same situations whether it is cholesterol, blood pressure, immune system, weight loss, bruising, bleeding gums, arthritis, joint problems, stress, tiredness, sleeplessness or just plain feeling lousy.

So this started me wondering that if the same problems are occurring on opposite coasts, and in numerous locations in the country, whats the problem? I must say that it com,es down to the same thing, people are overfed and malnutritioned, stressed out, eating lousy food, not getting the exercise and rest they need, and do not prioritize them selves into the "to do" list of everyday activities.

Don't you find it strange that people from different backgrounds, living in different locations, from different demographics and different ethnicity's all are asking the same questions and having the same problems? The only common denominator is that we are all Americans! Wow, not the across the board statistic that we would like to advertise.

Come and live in America, land of plenty, and way too much, land of stress, fast food, obesity and disease and the place to go to be on your choice of many pharmaceutical drugs, yet we are living longer. I know this is making and poking fun at us, but maybe this should be THE wake up call that pretty soon we will all have exactly the same ONE thing in America, no matter where you live in the states, bad health.

I am in the mindset that everyone basically knows that they are a mess and doing the wrong thing, and that we do not need a Doctor to tell us this point. But somewhere along the line, something needs to be preached, or maybe something put in the water supply that will make us all stop and say, "today's the day that I get it together and start a healthy new way of living". Well, it sounds good, and it really is great to be home.

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