Thursday, February 8, 2007

Day one in Coral Springs Florida

What a difference a few states away from New York can make in the weather. Today was the most beautiful and warm morning I have seen in months, and it was great! Florida is so beautiful, and from what I hear this is the ideal time to be here.

I am here doing training at our newest licensee. The name of the business is Tunies, and it is here in Coral Springs, and it is an amazing store. Not just a large store, but one of the cleanest and most orgasnized store I have seen in a long time. The store was founded on the principal of quality products and great prices, and the most natural and effective products available.

Customer service, and employee training and knowledge is an unspoken given here, as customers shuffle in from many surrounding areas for this great service, huge selection and wonderful prices at the same time in one location.

I found this staff to be well trained, knowledgeable, and customer service oriented, all things that any owner, and any consumer would love to experience.

Tomorrow I will start day two of training and I will get to experience this wonderful organization all over again. My hats off to Tunies in Coral Springs.

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