Saturday, February 24, 2007

A little TLC for stress

A stressful day continues long after that "day" is over. When you have a stressful day full of hard work, emotional or physical overload or even just filled with things that have to be done, it seems like just when you think the day is over, it is not. Most of us carry it around for hours, days weeks or even months, and the longer we do the more wear and tear it puts on our bodies.

After the day has ended your mind can play havoc with your mood, it can make you go to bed and re- live the stress of the day. Sometimes when the stress was very bad, you can go over it in your mind night after night until it affects every part of you day and night and keeps you from getting the rest you require.

When stress seems to be a major factor in your life whether it is on a daily basis or maybe it comes in and out of your life like a hormone cycle, try a few things at bedtime that may help the body and your mind deal with the day to day stress.

Try taking supplemental Calcium and Magnesium at bedtime as it relaxes tight muscles as well as supporting the bone and skeletal system ans also make you relax and feel a little sleepy. The addition of Melatonin, Kava or Valarian at night can help to release night time stress. Sometimes we just need to be able to shut down our brains long enough to get a restfull night of sleep.It is amazing what a good night of sleep can do to help make the next day better or worst, and the difference between being able to cope or just fall apart.
A hot shower at night at night with the head of the shower aimed at the base of the neck and the top of the head can actually relax the days tensions and reduce blood pressure. A small meal at bedtime, protein preferably can help to relax you, as most protein also has added Calcium.

Stress is everywhere in every jobplace, and everywhere in out lives and believe it or not in every financial bracket, but sometimes a small amount of TLC on our side can make it more tolerable, and give you the strength to cope and deal with stress.

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