Sunday, February 18, 2007


Do you think that taking supplements is something you do daily because you think you need them, or are you a supplement taker because you have been told you should? I think for most people these are the two categories that they would fit into.

I think if you go back thirty years, most people that took supplements did so because it was the "in thing" to do. More of a luxury, than a necessity, like it is today. Today we all know about supplements because we read about them in every magazine, on the Internet, it is discussed on radio and television shows, and we even discuss the newest breakthroughs with our friends and family.

I think the media has played an instrumental role in helping to spread the word on alternative nutritional therapies. Not always the best reviews, or the most complete reporting or even thorough testing, but exposure non the less. I actually think that this exposure has encouraged people to finally realize that they do have alternatives at their fingertips, and if it was not the information they were looking for just maybe it would be the nudge they needed to do some research.

So today's blog is just that friendly reminder that whatever is ailing, or bothering you, or whatever health situation comes your way, remember that you have many choices and many different directions to choose from. You are not at the exclusive mercy of traditional medicine, nor do you have to work with Doctors that are not open to questions or working within your belief system. Many times combining different types of medicine therapies might just give you the edge and little extra you need to conquer whatever life throws you way.

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