Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Day three in New York

Day three was a great day for me here in New York. I not only was able to warm up, but we were able to get down to the nitty grity of Great Earth business. After being with Great Earth for as many years as I have I have learned two things. Number one, we are always on the breaking edge of what is happening in the world as far as nutrition goes, and number two, we never waste out time with making products that are just "FAD" oriented.

I have re- learned again, as I do every time I come to New York that quality raw ingredients, the finest delivery systems for our digestion, and more testing than is done with almost all of the companies on the market is what has kept this company on top for so many years. It has also kept me in place for almost thre decades.

I will release the list of new and upcoming products in a few weeks when the labels are all approved by the lawyers and they have the FDA seal of approval. Although I am chomping at the bit to do it now!! I will wait.

Tonight I am off to Florida, yippppeeee, it is warm and sunny, I can hardly wait. I am doing training and helping with merchandising in a few cities, but I will update all of you nightly.

So until tomorrow, stay healthy, be well, and keep your fingers crossed as I hate flying. Well, let me clarify, I hate the taking off, and landing, the" in the air" part is ok.

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