Friday, February 23, 2007

Gout, painful but controllable

Today's blog is a quick and to the point one. Gout. or the situation created by excess uric acid in the body is painful and difficult to deal with. It can be treated very easily though by removing just a few food groups, and by taking a few select supplements, there by alleviating much pain and discomfort.

Elimination of the following is the first step towards pain relief. Meat, organ meats, caffeine including dark colored sodas and all coffee and tea, nightshade vegetables like tomato, eggplant, even avocados and white potatoes will help.Another culprit for agitation is chocolate and alcohol, have to go, at least during a flare up.

As far a supplementation, black cherry juice concentrate, about 1 teaspoon ion 8 oz of water as much as four times daily, as well as increased water consumption. Increasing your B Complex by 50 mg daily and adding more Calcium and Magnesium and MSM will also help with the pain.

Not really a difficult condition to treat, but most surely a painful one to walk on, as its effects are mostly felt on the bottoms and tops of the feet. Good luck, as this condition is creeping up at an alarming rate, so consider yourself informed for quick and effective treatment.

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