Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Out with the white

Out with the white is what I am calling the fastest way to reduce weight. Most, if not all white foods have obesity making carbohydrates, starch or sugars, the main culprits we are trying to avoid. I will soon have a complete outline of how to work this program effectively to let it work for you.

This is just a tantalizing tid bit, so remember if it is white, do not eat it, and you will be that far ahead of the crowd. I think this will finally be the easy, complete, fast and non thinking way to let you know exactly what to do to consistently lose weight, and keep it off. I also feel this will be the answer for reducing the severity and freqency of obese related illness like heart disease, diabetes, and blood pressure problems.

So stay tuned...
The above picture is a snapshot of our newest licensee in Key West Florida called VIP Nutrition. What a great job Roland the owner has done with this place. It was a video store for over 18 years, and he did the new build out himself. Kudos to Roland!! If you are ever in Key West Florida and forget your vitamins, Roland will come to the rescue and make sure you stay healthy.

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