Sunday, February 25, 2007

We are all the same size under baggy clothes

Warm weather is starting to creep into the Las Vegas valley, and like every year before this one, I am now getting e mails from people wondering what to do to get rid of the winter twenty.

The winter twenty you ask, what is it? It is the twenty pounds that fits so nicely under a loose pair of sweats, or under that favorite baggy sweater of yours. It all tucks in nicely under baggy sweat shirts and long sleeve baggy shirts. The heavy robes and draw string pajamas also are a wonderful camouflage to shield us from prying eyes.

I think we first notice that it has creeped up upon us when on that first warm day you put on a pair of jeans and a t shirt, and not all of you fits in there as well as it did just last season. I mean this all fit nicely last fall right before winter came, how could it have shrunk in just one washing machine load and sitting on my closet shelf?
Truth is , we know the pounds are creeping up on us, but it is the middle of the winter and by the time you have to be out in shorts or at a pool or near the water, you will be back to the gym and nobody will be the wiser. The funny thing, most people think about all of this, and if you go back to the New Years Eve resolution preparation blog, I discussed this very conversation that we would be having right now in great detail.

I think most people get the wake up call when an event like a wedding or God forbid a funeral or sudden travel plans come up and you think to yourself" not yet, I have not shed my winter weight, or last summers weight for that, or even the previous years bulge". And how foolish are we to think that people have not noticed us getting bigger by the moment, I mean they are not blind. It is like the balding man and the comb over, Imean who are you really fooling.

We then realize we have three weeks to lose a substantial amount of weight. In our mind we will eat only air and water, go to the gym every day, and even do sit ups in front of the television, and we do for exactly one day. Before you know it, it is now five days before the event, and you have lost a total of one pound. You then write a plan on paper being as strict as we can, just to get off enough to get into an outfit that looks good enough to fool everyone around you. Finally the night before , you end up going shopping and say" one outfit, and then I will lose it all, but I refuse to wear this size". At this point my friends, you have just started your new wardrobe and this IS the new size you are going to be, until you grow to the next size.

I try so hard to get everyone to try a cleansing program because after following the program for ninety days, you have by this time lost a bunch of weight and you do not want to go back.You always feel so much betterm aqnd motivating yourself becomes very easy. But even though I answer literally thousands of e mails, only a few hundred people stick to it and do well. So well, that they will never return to to the old person they grew into again.

So out once again I make my offer to help. Please e- mail me and I will forward a cleansing program to you to get started, hopefully this time It will hit home. Like I say every time we discuss this, I am not only a person who has compiled this program, I have been there and done that and did everything that the average overweight person has done, and I knew all of the tricks of the trade so to say. It is a lot easier to relate when you have lived this problem. Personally I would rather listen to an ex fatty person who has struggled that a very wise person who has never lost their breath tying their shoes. Ifyou have never struggled, leave me alone, you could not possibly get it.

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