Friday, February 2, 2007

Patience does not come with instuctions

Anger is something that amazes me here in Las Vegas, I think actually it is perplexing to me as well. There are so many medications people can use for anger and no patience issues, and many people could use them too. But I have to tell you when these people start a tirade, some people can be down right scary!

Have you ever watched people in their cars in the morning commute? You know they are late as they are eating an egg Mcsomething, drinking a four shot Starbucks, combing their hair, shaving and doing their makeup while balancing their check books and of course talking on the phone, we cannot forget that one.

The last accident I was in I was rear ended by a lady who had spilled food all over herself, she was not wearing a seat belt as she hit the steering wheel, and I had no damage as I drive a truck. I was stopped, and saw her coming she was doing all of the above things and yelling in her phone and I saw it happen.

The policeman asked her if she was not paying attention, eating, talking on the phone, or not paying attention or just a bad driver? She said all of the above, he let me leave, but kept her there. I just shook my head and wondered where all of this comes from. I really think it is because we are all in big hurry going absolutely no where for no real good reason, and then we end up waiting when we get there anyway.

Have you noticed that nobody has any patience anymore? You can be in line ready to pay for something at any store, and if the person in front of the impatient person is looking for exact change, they will actually have a fit. I mean making faces, swearing, loud groans and they act like someone took their last dollar or something. I see it everywhere,I think the worst would be the "I am late, and I want my Starbucks, give it to me now, now ,now group!!!"

I look at it this way. We all have a routine that we do everyday. and we allow a certain amount of time to do this. If you get up late or you are rushed, you should not try to do the same routine. If you do, you will get upset that you are late, make bad judgements and most likely kill someone, or upset someone so badly by your bad behavior that they will want to hurt you. Believe me, I watch the faces of people who are exposed to the rudeness and meanness of other people, they want to hurt you, and very badly too.

If you are an anxious person more that once a week or once a month, or an angry person more often than you like or can handle, there is some nutritional help for you, and therapy wouldn't hurt either!

Try taking extra B Complex once or twice daily with meals. B Vitamins are great for stress relief and temper problems, and sometimes bad judgement. Kava is the worlds best chill herbal pill, I call it natural Xanax. As I live in Las Vegas, there are many people with jobs and careers that have them dealing with the public more that they would like to sometimes. The people that come to Vegas come in all happy and go lucky, but many leave sometimes after too much gambling in bad moods,being evil, nasty and hating the world moods. For this, many of the employees of this fair city rely on things like B Complex, Valarian root, Kava, and other herbal blends.

The thing to remember, you know in your heart if you are an anxious, angry, mean and short tempered, frustrated and in a hurry going nowhere type person, just ask your closest friends if you are not sure. Take some advice, do something about it, try some wonderful nutritional herbal relief. The drivers and people of the world , along with your co workers, spouses, kids and friends will appreciate it.

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