Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ups and downs, not only for a roller coaster

You really have to wonder why Americans are on so many prescription drugs for depression, anxiety and mood, we are the most compulsive worriers in the world. We worry about things that have happened, things that may happen, things that may never happen, and things that could have happened. What is wrong with us?

Not that long ago, you never heard of the average Joe on a mind and mood altering drug, well, not by prescription anyway! People just dealt with things, worked through them and actually did a very good job at it. When was it exactly when Doctors started saying, "Are you feeling a little down these days?", or "How is your mood, are you feeling depressed"?

I personally think that the power of suggestion has merit here, and let's face it, we all have down and out days, blue days, and those once and a while days when we just want to tune out the world. It is just out of control, and being led by the Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. The thing is, most of these medications are not for the short term, most people end up on them for the long haul, whether or not they still need them, or whether they ever actually did.

When my best friend died ten years ago, I was very sad, and visibly shaken and depressed at the situation. When I saw my Doctor he said "are you depressed?", I looked at him and said, Daah, what do you think? He said would you like something for that. I actually looked at him and said, "do you really think that numbing me up will make these emotions go away"? I said, no thank you, I will work through them as mourning is healthy and you should go through it, not cover it up. I think when you have a loss, and you do not mourn, a few years down the road you really start to suffer because you never ALLOWED yourself the closure you deserve.

The problem is, we are a society of band -aid quick fix medicine, and if it comes on a white piece of paper, in our minds it is not only safe, but recommended. There are of course situations of true depression and chemical imbalances in our brains, and medication for these conditions is not only needed but very effective. For the most part though, most of us can work through the blues, bad jobs and emotional roller coaster relationships, financial problems and loss of a loved ones all on our own, or at least by using natural alternatives rather that running in for the prescriptioncrutch. We also are persuaded by our friends who may or may not be on these drugs as well, and they will sometimes suggest that you need them, and we listen, foolishly.

If you are going through a bad emotional time, and it is effecting your mood and your health, please consult your most knowledgeable vitamin store person. They will and should be able to show you an array of natural and safe alternatives to get you through the mud, and get you back on track.

Depression, bad days and mood swings are all part of life. There are ups and downs, sideways and even in the middle times and they all add up together and make what is called a normal life. Anyone that says their life is always a bed of perpetual roses, is substituting artifical silk flowers most of the time, because everybody has and will have ups and downs, or they are not "normal".

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